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AccuSpray HVLP Gun and HVLP System
Premier Imaging Products carries the most efficient HVLP spray gun on the market, the Apollo model number 7500 Atomizer spray gun. This HVLP gun virtually eliminates the exploding and blasting effects associated which create overspray and waste with standard spray guns, and has a transfer efficiency rate of 90%. Compare to the 40% to 65% of other spray guns on the market.

The most efficient way to coat your ink jet prints with Print Shield and Eco Print Shield is with the Apollo Atomizer HVLP gun. The gun with regulator are available if you already have compressed air, or available with a quiet 3 stage turbine system.

90% Atomization
Lowest Cost to Use
Least amount of Overspray
Light Weight
Ergonomically Designed
Easy Clean Up