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Tensador II Canvas Stretching Machine

The Tensador II is a proven canvas stretching machine that
will quickly and easily tension canvas, in minutes. Even the
difficult, but increasingly popular gallery wrap can be quickly
stretched due to the simple design of this workhorse. The
simple and effective design allows the canvas to be
stretched on most any sized stretcher bars without those
cumbersome stretching pliers. Tensador II assures even
tension and delivers perfect results every time!
Model # T-125G T-155G
Maximum Size 48” x 48” 60” x 60”
Gallery Wrap Yes Yes
Required Air Pressure 60 psi 60 psi
Min. Stapler Nose Length >1.5” >1.5”
Stretcher Length 51” 73”
Depth 21” 24”
Height 55” 55” or 67”