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Epson printers are known for quality, reliability, and great prints. But all of us inevitably end up with a print that just doesn’t work. Here are a few suggestions that you should review when this happens:

1. Clogged nozzles. Run a nozzle check to make sure that the print head is not clogged.

2. Check your printer profiles. Always make sure you are using the correct color profile for the paper you are printing on. If you are using Epson paper the profiles should be built in to your drivers and easy to select. If not an Epson profile, then you might have to download the ICC profile for that particular paper. And if your driver is missing an Epson profile, you can download it here from the Epson website.

3. Make sure you printing on the correct printable side of the paper.

4. Recheck your photoshop settings and color management settings.

5. Check the printer itself and make sure there are no error messages or cartridges without ink.

6. Check your photo black and matte black settings. Some papers only print with photo black and some with matte black.

7. Color calibration. Make sure your monitor is calibrated so that what you see on your monitor is what is actually printing.