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Sample 8.5 X 11 Swatch Pak DG Low Tack Adhesive Back Vinyl
DG Vinyl Scrim Banner Jet DISCONTINUED NOT AVAILABLE Uni Clear Film
Black Diamond Gloss Adhesive Vinyl Dg Adhesive Back Value Vinyl
DG Adhesive Back Vinyl DG Poly Art
DG Poly Banner II DG Poly Art Double Sided

IJ Technologies

One of the most effective advertising or promotion methods available today is the banner. It draws attention, identifies sponsors, and sends a vibrant, eye-catching message. Also equally important is that they are cost-effective and relatively easy to make. Click the categories on this page to find out more about the variety of supplies from IJ Technologies available for making adhesive vinyl banners or banners that can hang from a wall or pole.

Outdoor banners are excellent for grand openings, providing directions at trade shows or outdoor events, recognizing advertisers and supporters, and other events. If there are any questions, please call our staff for any assistance you might need in making your selections.